If you…

  • need to improve the communication in your relationship?
  • are trying to recover from an affair or infidelity?  (I have LOTS of experience with this issue!)
  • need to end the constant arguing?
  • need help moving toward marriage after a too-long engagement?
  • can’t get your partner to talk to you?
  • are more like roommates than partners?
  • have big disagreements about parenting?
  • coping with the changes that a new baby brings?
  • wanting to restore the intimacy in your relationship?
  • can no longer deal with your partner’s anger?

Then . . . The COUPLE CENTER is here to help.  I’m Dr. Barbara Swenson, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I founded The Couple Center in 1994 in Los Angeles to offer marriage counseling and couple counseling on a wide range of couple issues.  Now, also located in Lafayette, CA, I’ve brought my over 25 years of experience with couples to address your unique situation in the Bay Area.  I approach each couple individually; not a one-size-fits-all.  After meeting with you, we decide what will achieve the results you want in the shortest amount of time.  I’m easy to talk to, interactive, supportive, and committed to helping you make your relationship thrive. Whatever issues you’re struggling with – I’ve been there before.  I know that when you’re discouraged about your relationship, it effects everything else in your life in a negative way, and when your relationship is going really well, everything feels better! Let’s start making your relationship thrive today!

Call me and let’s discuss how I can help . . . 510-277-3111

    250 Lafayette Circle, Suite 107, Lafayette, CA 94549


The Couple Center helps couples have healthier relationship.